1. dåy dreåm genêsïs • the untöld tåle øf //а$iåп dੰρε βةًчz//

    There is no seat nor single distinct stage prepared for you — what is left for you is only the space in between: the space that shifts, transforms, is unable to be defined; the space connects you and the figural bodies you see through the purple smoke while your ‘role’ as the audience was not even given as an option. Then after awhile, when one of the figural bodies — the ‘drag - cheshire cat’, known as the evil wife (played by baby china yu) later in the performance, who is laying on the bar table looking straight into your eyes seductively sleepily winking, thinking, observing, then offering you a glass of beer, you may, perhaps, start to wonder ‘am i becoming one of them…’— as an invitation sent — specifically address to you — ‘to become one of them’ is the secret code to enter the techno-pop-dithyrambic fantasy of а$iåп dੰρε βةًчz…//  
  2. Time of Harvest - Tiempo de Zafra

    Tiempo De Zafra stands for “Time of Harvest”, a phrase used by the sugar cane industry to describe the season when crops are cultivated. The TDZ Team uses the term as a proverb. It is a reminder that we are inherently abundant and that abundance reflects all around us. It illustrates the work that goes into cultivating and affirming it while shining light on the Caribbean as a place of potentiality. 

Jashim: The Rainbow Warrior


  1. LAYSA

    LAY is revolutionizing the way women are seen in Brazilian media by reclaiming her voice and body
  2. JUST LIKE US: Queer Intimacies Familiar

    "Encountering queerness in Ghana is like the pungent, heady and compulsive flowering of freshly tapped palm wine upon one’s tongue."- Ama Josephine Budge


  3. Hardeman's Harde Love

    "Hardeman makes clothes that reflect their reality and surroundings, exploring themes such as adolescence and sexuality. As such the content-related considerations for this project will be how to think through questions of love differently; and away from the mainstream preoccupations with what “love” is exactly. The new collection is about leaving this infinitely open, ongoing, and continuous."

Sydanie « Bubble 4 A Winna