Sista Ntswembu, Nail Pimp | Photograph by Mpumelelo Mkwanazi

The soul of Bimbo Radio exist amongst the drums. Through a Black lens, each episode is an expression of cultural similarities found in rhythm and sound. No matter the longitude and latitude. From Mexico to the Caribbean to South Africa, there’s a common frequency that unifies genres of the Global South. Bimbo Radio is an ongoing audio-art piece curated and mixed by platinum producer BLANK. All Episodes are available on, SoundCloud and Apple Podcast.

BIMBO RADIO EPISODE 09 | OUT NOW: Available on, SoundCloud & Apple Podcast

Curated, Mixed: @Blank.ktf
Engineered: @chris.mifsud 
Creative Director & Cover Art Layout: Sy.R
Words & Photo Courtesy: Jorian Charlton & Miki Perry
Photo Featuring: Miki Perry


"Jorian Charlton (b. 1989, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a photographer specializing in portraiture. With a deep-rooted passion for capturing the essence of Black culture, Jorian's work is a reflection of their personal experiences and the vibrant tapestry of their community. Driven by a desire to explore themes of family, intimacy, community, and love, Charlton's photography delves into the depths of human connections. Through careful attention to lighting, atmosphere, fashion, and pose, they construct visual compositions that transcend mere imagery, revealing profound stories and capturing the raw emotions of their models. Their portraits serve as visual narratives, illuminating the rich stories of Caribbean diasporas while simultaneously challenging prevailing norms of contemporary Black representation.

Charlton earned a Bachelor of Photography at Sheridan College, and has had solo exhibitions at the Gallery TPW, Art Gallery of Ontario, Cooper Cole, Toronto; and the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga. She has participated in group exhibitions at Doris McCarthy Gallery at University of Toronto, Scarborough, and will be included in an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Her work is included in the traveling exhibition The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion which was first curated for the 2021 edition of Arles Les Recontres de la Photographie. Charlton has created a number of public art projects in Toronto in collaboration with Toronto’s Year of Public Art, and Contact Photography Festival. Jorian Charlton currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada."


"Miki is a New York born, Scarborough raised/based creative stylist & image consultant. She has been styling since 2019. Miki is a first generation American + Canadian of Jamaican descent. Miki's most powerful strength is her imagination & impulsivity. Known for her dynamic, weird, and sexy, and sometimes revealing styling, Miki explores her Jamaican roots through intertwining fashion with folklore, gothicism, queerness and spirituality in Jamaica. She intends to push the boundaries of clothing and how it is worn, as well as paying homage to her ancestors and heritage. Miki is an alchemist. She turns anything to gold.  She does not only create 'looks'. She also considers styling to be a valid fine arts' medium, and is currently expanding & venturing into the gallery world with her work.

Miki's work has been featured on SSENSE, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The FADER, Soho House Toronto, & ELLE Canada."


Bimbo Radio: Spotlight is the visual expression of the audio-art piece. Each episode we feature and collaborate with photographic storytellers, and the heart of the radio, our community of listeners who share cultural wavelengths to the sounds you hear. Stay tuned for next episode's spotlight.