By Goldiie

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An Exhibition of a Sensuous World —


Direction & Styling: Eclectic Hoe
Ph: Justin Aranha
Models: Demi, Sydné, Vicki, Tani, Maisha

Fashion series directed by Brazilian creatives Lua & Luiz Ferrera.


Story by Nude Pacifico


Photo & Words: Benjamin Ackerman / Robo - Fox


"What does it mean to be close to someone? How many ways are there to be intimate? When do you actually “know” someone? Experiences build intimacy.  Some experiences, more profound than others. Certain experiences take longer. People who have known each other for a short time may become almost immediately intimate if their few shared experiences are related to survival, death, sex, etc. I have been more intimate with strangers in 24 hours than I have with people I’ve “known” my whole life. And often that’s because I felt safe sharing my truth with them."


"The people in these photographs are friends and often lovers. These pictures are love letters to the people in them and to the world; an attempt to show them the beauty I see in them as a person and a spirit; a way of honouring both of them and our relationship." — Benjamin Ackerman / Robo.Fox

"Opening up to others is about feeling safe emotionally and physically. Honour and respect is the key to not violating the safety someone feels with you. When two people share their truth and sit with them side by side, a bond is formed: Intimacy. Intimacy is freedom from hiding your truth and the vulnerability of trusting that your truth will be honoured by those you share it with." — Benjamin Ackerman / Robo.Fox


Straya — Peace, Love, Football Film

Directed by Gabe Nava For Straya